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A dark horror comedy about a 'stuck in his way' father who begins to lose his family to a vegan cult.


Produced by Kato Pictures and directed by Simon Dymond.


BFI Network Short Film Funded and is currently on the festival route.

Angel of the north

A magical realist short drama supported by Sheffield Film Fund, Sheffield City Council and Sensoria Festival about a woman, claiming to be an angel, ready to jump off a roof and the man trying to stop her.

Domestic Bliss

A trilogy of micro- shorts in which a young woman haunted by sensory overload and a sinister being tries to survive.


Produced by FNA Digital and BFI Network Short Film Funded.


Selected for Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, Dark Hedges Film Festival and Lift Off Global Network.

The Amelia Gething Complex

BBC/CBBC comedy sketch show.


Credited writer, Series 2 Episode 3-Full Episode can be watched here.


Also part of larger series writersroom.

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